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My name is Rich Freeman, and I’m a channelholic. You might be too if you’re an MSP, solution provider, reseller, vendor exec, or other player in the SMB channel with a continual craving for news, insights, and analysis about managed services, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and tech industry M&A.

That’s exactly what I’ve been supplying fellow channelholics for 17 years, mainly via The ChannelPro Network, where I was most recently executive editor and remain a contributor. I’ve covered every company, product announcement, partner program, market shift, and revenue opportunity worth knowing about, and interviewed every CEO, channel chief, and thought leader who matters.

Now, through Channelholic, I’m sharing my insider’s take on the industry we love.

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Longtime (as in increasingly ancient) observer, analyst, and reporter on the SMB channel. Chief Content Officer of Channel Mastered. Founding editor and former executive editor of The ChannelPro Network.