This is the way.

As the server closet is gone or soon to be just a network and WiFi connection point and MSPs move their clients to M365/Google Workspace - what is left to manage?

Think about it - way back when, the OG MSPs placed the first PC on a desktop in local businesses. It was an amazing experience for local businesses to have Lotus 123 and WordPerfect on their employees desktops.

Fast forward to today and local apps/custom apps are giving way to SaaS apps.

MSPs could be leading the effort to not just help their clients acquire licenses, access, support they could be ensuring all the connections between SaaS applications are setup, secure and working.

MSPs could get closer to their clients and ensure that workflows are being updated and employees are educated and embracing new ways of working. Attachments are dead, yet so many SMBs live by their Outlook and Attachments.

Bringing it back to "LSIs" or Local Systems Integrators.....forward thinking, highly valued MSPs that focus on a handful of verticals can build custom integrations between SaaS apps, or develop deep expertise in those applications.

It's all about adding value. My bet is that "SaaS Management" is not just the future but the foundation of modern LSIs

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Thanks, William! Can't wait to see if "LSI" catches on. I sure hope the business model does.

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